Walk Like You Always Know Where You’re Going—Even if You Don’t

how to walk with purpose

Learning how to walk with purpose is extremely helpful in this day and age, even if you’re not sure where you’re going. Did you know that almost half of all women feel unsafe when walking alone after dark? 

Whether you’re alone or with someone after dark, or in the middle of the day, these safety tips can help you in any situation where you feel unsafe. 

How to Walk with Purpose: Confidence is Key

Whenever you feel unsafe while walking, remain confident. Predators are always on the lookout for someone who’s easily scared and that they can take advantage of. Therefore, if you’re confident in your walk and demeanor, it could very well make you less of a target. 

But how can you show confidence? This starts with having your shoulders back and your head up while walking. Also, try not to slouch or look down at your feet/phone. And you know the old saying—even if you’re not confident, fake it until you make it. 

Lastly, keep your head on a swivel. Your peripheral vision is an important part of keeping yourself safe in potentially dangerous situations. 

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Head Up, Shoulders Back

If you feel unsafe while walking alone, keeping your head up is key. This simple action makes you look determined, and like you have a location you’re headed to. 

Additionally, maintaining a straight posture will help aid in your appearance by making yourself look taller. While walking straight and keeping your head up, you might want to use your phone to let someone know you feel unsafe.

However, try not to look down at your phone while texting. Instead, try calling someone so you can keep your strong posture. There are many helplines to call, as well as calling 911. 

Peripheral Vision

Using your peripheral vision can be a helpful tool when you feel unsafe. Instead of turning your head frantically, try to use your peripheral vision to see what’s next to and behind you. You’ll appear less panicked when you do so. 

This all goes back to keeping your head up and walking with purpose, which can deter predators. 

Where Are You Going?

If you feel unsafe while walking, keep going. Pretend like you know where you are going—even if you don’t. If you have purpose and confidence in your walk, you’re less likely to be a target. 

Do’s and Don’ts 

  • Avoid walking in areas with low lighting if you can. Instead, walk in areas with bright lighting (streetlights, businesses, etc.)
  • Don’t walk into places with dead ends, such as garages, bathrooms, alleys and fenced- in parks, alone. Instead, try to walk towards more populated areas (businesses, neighborhoods, police/fire stations, etc.) 
  • Don’t run, unless of course you have to. Otherwise, walking with purpose, confidence and a steady pace is far more beneficial.
  • Remember: you don’t need to be nice! If someone asks for help and you feel unsafe, say no and walk away swiftly, while using your peripheral vision.
  • Call 911 or someone you trust if you feel unsafe
  • Don’t use headphones and earbuds while walking alone, especially at night in desolate areas.
  • Listen for anything that may cause you harm (someone running toward you, yelling, weapons discharging, etc.) 

Stiletto Agency Has Your Back

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