This female-led Situation Awareness Specialist ® Certification program is designed to educate women in the discipline of situational awareness, creating a security awareness practitioner capable of understanding and dealing with with dynamics of random and potentially threatening events.

Practical Objectives

  • Enable a Mindset Change
  • Become a Practitioner of the Craft
  • Become an Asset to Self and Those Around Us

Terminal Objectives

  • Understand and describe concepts of situational awareness including; mindset, vulnerable vs capable, observation, behavioral analysis, and practical travel planning.
  • Understand and describe concepts related to understanding threats including; common threats, the human threat, understanding the criminal threat, pre-incident indicators.
  • Understand and describe concepts related to criminal characteristics including; victim selection, Grayson/Stein Study, physiological & psychological responses to threats, maintaining control, and tactical contingency planning.
  • Understand and describe concepts of becoming a situational awareness practitioner including; Gray-Man Theory, Hick’s Law, tactical considerations and tactical reaction.
  • Understand and describe concepts and strategies of reacting to a terrorist or criminal threat including; understanding active assault threat characteristics and how to react.

Course fee is $179. Upon completion of this program, including an exam at the conclusion of the session, the participants will have knowledge of the principles of situational awareness and be recognized as a Situation Awareness Specialist ® by the Arcuri Group Examiners Panel.

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