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Whether it’s for a team in the workplace or for your own personal life, we’re dedicated to coach you through any challenges you may face, or goals you want to achieve.
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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching for individuals consists of a variety of disciplines from personal safety, to health and entrepreneurship.

With Stiletto’s speaking engagements, workshops and experiential learning programs, we will empower you to become more confident in your ability to make decisions (and stick to them!)

Professional Performance Coaching

We’re certified to work with individuals and organizations to help them find self-awareness and clarity in the workplace.

With helpful strategies for achieving goals and creating change, we’ll transform workplaces into more motivated and productive environments.

Personal Coaching vs. Professional Performance Coaching: What’s The Difference?

You may be wondering, “what’s the difference between personal coaching and professional performance coaching?”

The goal for Personal Coaching is for individuals to feel more empowered in their lives outside of work. We’ll teach daily strategies to make yourself less of a target, develop a stronger mindset, and learn to set and hold boundaries.

On the other hand, Professional Performance Coaching grants business executives and organizations opportunities to improve their workplace dynamics.

As your Professional Performance Coach, we’ll provide strategies for increasing employee development, creating a foundation that fosters working relationships, and implementing more effective communication.

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