Let’s Talk About Vigilance

talking to your child about safety

We live in a scary world, but we don’t have to be scared. 

Being vigilant means being careful, and in doing so we can protect ourselves and others from danger. Learning how to be vigilant is an important skill to master whether we think we are in a vulnerable situation or not. 

Having a discussion with our children, young adults, and even college aged kids about the reality of the world we live in and teaching them vigilance and safety must be a priority. 

Facilitating The Vigilance Talk

Having the “vigilance talk” with your child, young adult, or college-aged kid is important for their safety. The discussion can happen at any age and repeat as needed. Here are some tips for teaching vigilance:

  • Discuss why we need to be vigilant. The world can be dangerous and it’s important to be aware whether it’s at the grocery store, a college campus, or in your own backyard.
  • Discuss how to be aware. Avoiding distractions like cell phones and headphones with music playing. Be sure to look around often, peripheral vision is key to awareness. 
  • Discuss how to communicate in situations where you feel unsafe. Whether this is calling the police, asking for help from others, or even signaling that you are in danger can be important to your safety. Also, remember it is always better to ask for help, even if it feels like an overreaction. 
  • Discuss mannerisms like walking with purpose and confidence. See our previous blog: Walk Like You Always Know Where You’re Going – Even If You Don’t for more tips on mannerisms. 
  • Research the silent 9-1-1 information in your area. Most areas allow texting 9-1-1 in situations where you can’t talk, but it is not available everywhere yet. Also, remember that if you can’t talk, you can call 9-1-1 and press 1 for police, 2 for fire, and 3 for an ambulance. If the dispatcher asks you a question, press 4 for “yes” and 5 for “no.” Read more from MassLive here. 

Safety Must Be a Priority

When it comes to safety, we all know it needs to be a priority. We can teach our children self defense to help prepare them for dangerous situations, but we need to talk about how to identify dangerous situations and be aware of what is happening to be able to act with self defense tactics. 

At Stiletto Agency we offer personal safety training programs to prepare, prevent, and protect yourself and others. The trainings are available for corporations, organizations, and individuals. Programs are included below.

Everyday Vigilance Basics

Through true stories, practical demonstrations, and real-talk discussions we can’t remain too uncomfortable to have, Shelley shares no-nonsense strategies and tactics for avoiding dangers and fighting through them when avoidance isn’t possible.

Vigilance On The Road

In this empowering presentation, Shelley Klingerman exposes a wide variety of situations in which female travelers unknowingly make themselves vulnerable to a predator.

Whether you travel for work, travel for fun or just frequently find yourself experiencing unfamiliar places on your own, this session will provide you with vital insights and tips to help keep you safe every step of the way.

Mindfully Vigilant: The Essential Elements Everyone Needs To Know To Stay Safe

Have you ever heard a story on the local news that caused you to think about your own safety? Have you had a friend or loved one fall victim to being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

In this engaging session, Shelley Klingerman shares real-world stories, demonstrations and tactical strategies you can use to avoid dangers in your own backyard.

More Than Pepper Spray And The Buddy System: Staying Vigilant On Campus

Have you found yourself walking home after dark from an evening class? Maybe you’ve seen something odd while walking to your car in a parking garage.

Campus security is more important than ever, and this engaging conversation will give you tips and tactics to feel safe in any sticky situation.

Have questions about our personal safety training programs or just want to learn more? Contact us today.

Hear From The Expert

Shelley Klingerman is Situational Awareness Specialist certified and currently attends the FBI’s Citizen Academy. Read more about Shelley and her experience and expertise in vigilance on our website. 

Shelley is available for speaking engagements, workshops and experiential learning programs (where she partners with law enforcement and military trainers to deliver an immersive experience in her Prepare-Prevent-Protect philosophy of personal safety.)

Interested in learning vigilance from Stiletto Agency? Contact us today. 

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