Everyday Vigilance Basics

Do you want to feel and be safer in a world in which threats against women are increasing daily? Through true stories, practical demonstrations, and real-talk discussions we can’t remain too uncomfortable to have, Shelley shares no-nonsense strategies and tactics for avoiding dangers and fighting through them when avoidance isn’t possible.

This virtual speaking bundle includes a 45-minute virtual presentation 15 min Q&A  and 50 Books ($650 value).  SPECIAL OFFER: $1500

Vigilance On The Road

Traveling for work can be fun, and it can also take its toll. You may find yourself more tired and less attentive, which also makes you an easier target for dangerous situations.

In this empowering presentation, Shelley Klingerman exposes a wide variety of situations in which female travelers unknowingly make themselves vulnerable to a predator. Whether you travel for work, travel for fun or just frequently find yourself experiencing unfamiliar places on your own, this session will provide you with vital insights and tips to help keep you safe every step of the way.

Mindfully Vigilant: The Essential Elements Everyone Needs to Know to Stay Safe

Have you ever heard a story on the local news that caused you to think about your own safety? Have you had a friend or loved one fall victim to being in the wrong place at the wrong time? In this engaging session, Shelley Klingerman shares real-world stories, demonstrations and tactical strategies you can use to avoid dangers in your own backyard.

More Than Pepper Spray and the Buddy System: Staying Vigilant on Campus

Have you found yourself walking home after dark from an evening class? Maybe you’ve seen something odd while walking to your car in a parking garage. Campus security is more important than ever, and this engaging conversation will give you tips and tactics to feel safe in any sticky situation.

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