How to Prepare, Prevent and Protect Yourself This Summer

safety tips for women

There is never a more important time to share safety tips for women than in the summertime. Summer means lots of beach days, music festivals, refreshing drinks on restaurant patios, and exploring new cities in the United States (or abroad).

Regardless of your summertime activities or where they are, it’s important to advocate for your personal safety, especially if you’re flying solo.

Here’s a few essential tips on how to Prepare, Prevent, and Protect yourself this summer.

1. Prepare: Know Where You’re Going

Before you head out to the hiking trails or drive to the beach, make sure you familiarize yourself with where you’re actually going. Identify the rest areas on your route, and know where the hotels, common roads, police station(s), public areas and transportation access points are in that area. 

Your phone is your biggest asset here. Pin these places in your maps app, so that you can easily find where you need to go. Think ahead in case you lose cell servicewrite down directions or bring a printed map with you.

Most importantly, make sure you tell a friend, family member, or roommate where you’re going and when you expect to return. This is extremely important, as in the case of anything unfortunate happening, at least one person knows where you should have been and how long you should have been gone. 

2. Prevent: Pack Light

When going out solo this summer, pack essentials only. Overpackers, read that line again. 

Here’s a list of some packing essentials:

  • drivers license or I.D.
  • limited amount of cash
  • credit card/debit card
  • water
  • sunscreen
  • self-defense device, such as pepper spray and/or a pocket knife

Why are we suggesting such a limited packing list? This is because the bulkier the bag, the easier it is for someone to pick-pocket or steal it entirely. 

Therefore, leave the expensive jewelry, extra clothes, important documents such as a passport or birth certificate (unless absolutely necessary) or expensive equipment at home. This is unless, of course, you can keep it on your person or packed in an anti-theft device. 

Additionally, you should bring a “dummy wallet” if you think you might be traveling to a high-risk area. A cheap wallet with a few bucks and some fake credit cards might just save your life if you’re confronted with a predator. 

Pro-tip: If you’re by yourself and have to momentarily leave your items unattended, disguise your items in something that someone wouldn’t think to steal; an empty sunscreen container, within the pages of a book, or even buried in the sand covered with a towel.

3. Protect: Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

Even if you’re not completely sure where you are, walk with confidence. Head up, with your shoulders back and constantly scanning your surroundings.

If you can, walk among groups of people. Predators’ number one targets are individuals that are alone, distracted, and displaying vulnerability by looking down at their phone. If you’re lost, ask an individual who appears to be safe for directions or help (think a family or an older person). 

If you’re sipping on refreshing drinks on the restaurant patio, enjoy yourself! Just make sure you don’t over indulge, so that you can get yourself home safely and coherently. When using ride-share apps, make sure that you confirm your driver’s name, license plate number, and make/model of their vehicle. 

No matter how nice they seem, it’s best to remain cautious and not tell them that you’re traveling alone. Say you’re meeting your friend or parents, and don’t reveal any other details that may make a predator think they have a chance. 

Finally, we want to reassure you that it’s okay to be “rude.” As women, we’re conditioned to be nice and accommodating no matter what. However, if you don’t want to do something or feel a situation growing increasingly uncomfortable, being “rude” might turn off a potential predator from choosing you. 

Remember; you are your biggest safety advocate.

Prepare, Prevent and Protect Yourself This Summer

No matter where you go this summer, remember to know exactly where you’re going, pack only the essentials, and act confident in every situation. 

Take those photos, make new summer memories, and go on those once-in-a-lifetime adventures. However, make sure you follow these summer safety tips so that you can Prepare, Prevent, and Protect yourself this season—while still having fun!

If you’re ready to take charge of your own personal safety, contact us today! We offer customized training programs, both professional performance and personal coaching and consultancy to help you develop an empowered mindset.

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