Savvy Strategies for Staying Safe While Traveling

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When you’re traveling, especially alone as a woman, there are strategies you can implement to help you stay safe. Regardless of where you go, whether you’re staying stateside or going abroad, there are always possible dangers and predators looking to take advantage of an unsuspecting tourist.

Remembering to stay vigilant can help to save your life. Here are a few savvy strategies you can practice when traveling to stay vigilant about your personal safety.

Do Your Research

First and foremost, make sure to do your research on where you plan on traveling to. Research the safe spots, look at reviews, and make sure you are somewhere you feel safe. Make sure you know the dangers of where you’re traveling. For example, the pick-pocketers of Rome will approach you with a rose.

While you’re distracted, another will rob you without you even knowing. This is just one example, but scams like that can happen anywhere, so doing your research is crucial when it comes to remaining vigilant and safe while traveling.

Lighten Your Load

If you’re out site seeing, there’s no need to bring your entire suitcase with you.

Keep your load light and carry only the essentials so if you need to react or run for any reason, you can do so in an instant, without having to worry about a 50-pound suitcase.

Try to Blend In

If you’re traveling overseas, the fashion is very different than the styles and trends in the United States. Do your best to research fashion trends so you can blend in.

The last thing you want is to look like a tourist because this leads potential predators to believe you are an easy target. You want to look as much like a local as possible.

Stay Connected

While on vacation, no one really wants to be on their phone all that often. However, try to designate someone who is not on your trip that you check in with.

This way, you have someone who knows where you are and will know that something is wrong if they don’t hear from you. Try to set a time to check in with that person daily while you are traveling.

Stay Alert and Look Confident

Pay attention to your surroundings. Even if you don’t know where you are going, walk with a purpose, shoulders back, and head up. Body language is very important when it comes to being approached.

If you look alert and appear confident, you are less likely to be seen as an easy tourist target. When speaking to people, look them directly in the eye and speak clearly. Show that you are not intimidated by a new place and that you are not someone to mess with.

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