Back to School: How to Stay Safe on Campus

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Colleges across the United States are getting ready to welcome students back to campus for the fall semester, however, do you know how to keep yourself safe on campus? It’s more than just carrying pepper spray or using the buddy system, there are several key strategies you can utilize to keep yourself safe this school year.

Dorm Room Safety

When you’re at school, your dorm is your home away from home. This is where most of your valuables will be including your computer, jewelry, keys, cash, etc. However, it’s also pretty common for students to leave their dorm rooms unlocked or open if they are expecting a guest, trying to make new friends, or just leaving for a minute to run to the laundry room. Leaving your dorm unlocked is just inviting thieves to come in and take something from you. So, if you have to leave your dorm for any reason, keep your door locked and take your keys with you. It might also be smart to consider getting a lock or lockbox to put your valuables in too.

Partying & Drinking 101

You’re at college to learn, but we know that you’re bound to go out some nights and have fun with friends. If you are out, it is important to understand your limit and monitor how much you drink. Consuming large amounts of alcohol can make you a potential target for predators because it can make you more vulnerable and less aware of your surroundings. You should also make sure to get your own drinks and never leave your drink unattended. It can be easy for predators to quickly lace a drink with something that could potentially harm or impair you in some way.

Campus at Night

While it’s best not to walk around campus at night, late-night study sessions at the library or fun nights out with friends are expected. When they do, make sure you use extra caution when walking home. Walk in a group in a well-lit area, have safety equipment on hand, and make sure you know where you are going and look confident. All of these will be deterrents for predators. There are also plenty of personal safety apps you can use designed for students that can quickly alert law enforcement of your location if you are in danger.

Know Your Safety Resources on Campus

Many college campuses have resources and on-campus security that are there to help you in case of emergency. Before you head back to school make sure you research the safety resources your campus offers and know exactly who to contact in case you ever need help. Lots of colleges also offer safety courses and self-defense training for students to help them prepare for a potentially dangerous situation.

If you want to prepare yourself before you head back to campus, or want to bring a personal safety training program to your college campus, Shelley Klingerman and Stiletto Agency offers customized personal safety programming for individuals, groups, and organizations. To learn more, contact us today!

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