3 Ways Professional Performance Coaching Can Help You

performance coaching for professionals

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.” — Bo Bennett. 

The process of turning your dreams into a goal, whether personal or for your organization, is no easy undertaking.   

Professional Performance Coaching empowers your leadership team to grow both individually and collectively. Additionally, it equips you with the resources needed to effectively achieve your performance goals. 

Below, we outline the top 3 ways Professional Performance Coaching can help turn your organization’s dreams into reality.

1. Accountability

Without accountability, nothing ever gets done. However, Professional Performance Coaching holds both you and your leadership team accountable.

Unlike other general business coaches, a professional performance coach will work with your leadership team to develop meaningful, professional growth-centered goals within the organization and set a clear vision. With your organization’s goals clearly defined, a performance coach will work with your leadership team to clarify each individual’s role in helping achieve that vision.  

Along the way, your performance coach will meet with the leadership team frequently. This is to facilitate meaningful conversations that keep individuals accountable in their roles and performance. When individuals are held accountable, it keeps your team on-track to achieve the highest performance possible—with far less stress.

Meet Shelley Klingerman, your Professional Performance Coach! Learn more about her personalized coaching packages for your organization.

2. Time Management

Nowadays, everyone is doing more work with less time at their disposal. However, time management is a critical component for both professional and personal success. 

A professional performance coach will work with your team individually to identify strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. Then, they’ll share personalized actions and techniques everyone can take to succeed in managing their time more efficiently. 

When your leadership team can effectively manage their time, they can help other employees better manage theirs. This snowball effect continues throughout the organization, enforcing a positive change in employee performance and overall satisfaction. 

3. Hard Conversations

Nobody wants to have a difficult conversation. However, these conversations need to happen for the betterment of the company. Types of hard conversations might include having to address poor performance with an employee, or resolving a conflict between coworkers. 

For both an organization and its individuals’ professional growth, these hard conversations can’t afford to be avoided.

Thankfully, a professional performance coach provides you with guidance and preparation to have difficult conversations with coworkers or teams. 

Your coach will train your leadership team on how to recognize when these hard conversations need to happen. Then, they’ll provide guidance that helps leaders develop the best approach to facilitate these tough conversations for the best possible outcome.  

Pursue Performance Coaching for Professionals with Shelley Klingerman

Shelley Klingerman is a Certified Professional Performance Coach, accredited by SourcePoint. She offers a personalized coaching package for organizations and helps leadership teams foster positive change throughout the organization. 

As your team’s performance coach, Shelley is dedicated to assisting your leaders in developing a clear purpose, a strong vision, and actionable steps to achieve performance goals. Contact Shelley to get started today!

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