Arm Yourself with these Basic Self Defense Moves

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As women, we’re all familiar with the feelings that rush into our bodies the second we step into a public environment. Maybe you’ve just left work and are hurriedly walking to your car with a racing heartbeat.

Or maybe, you’re making your way through the grocery store aisles with an ache in your stomach telling you that something is wrong. Regardless of what the situation may be, every woman has experienced these feelings.

While we all wish to live in a society where women feel safe and protected, certain situations and encounters remind us daily of how unrealistic this is in our world. Due to this fact, every woman must know how to defend themselves.

Below, we outline 5 effective ways that women can defend themselves in a physical situation regardless of physical strength.

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1. Heel Palm Strike

When an attacker starts getting close to you, face them but keep your distance. Use both hands and flex your wrists so that your palm is out and your fingers point up.

Aim for the attacker’s nose, throat, or under their chin, ensuring that your palm hits the area at a fast and upward motion. Hitting these sensitive areas can be extremely beneficial to helping you escape.

2. Elbow Strike

If you’re unable to throw a punch or kick at your attacker, your elbow is a strong bone that can cause a lot of damage.

If you’re face-to-face with your attacker, bend your arm at the elbow, shift your weight forward, and strike your elbow into your attacker’s neck, jaw, chin, or temple.

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3. Hammer Strike

If you work a late shift or often walk to your car alone, always wrap your hand around your car key, creating a fist.

The end of the key should stick out of the fist you made. This is one of the easiest ways to defend yourself if you don’t  have other self-defense weapons on you, such as pepper spray.

4. Groin Strike

If an attacker comes up behind you and wraps their arms around you bear-hug style, you have a few options:

  1. Become deadweight: drop your body to the ground and use your elbow to strike them directly in the groin.
  2. You can also shift your weight to one side of  your body and make a fist to strike the groin area.

Ready to take charge of your own personal safety? Learn more about Stiletto Agency’s customized training programs and resources today.

5. Ear or Eye Strike

Depending on your size, pushing an attacker off of you can get challenging. Alternative solutions include an ear or eye strike.

In this scenario, cup your hands, and slap them over top the attacker’s ears. This can be very disorienting and may even cause an eardrum to burst.

If this tactic doesn’t  work, you also have the option to use your thumbs to gauge their eyes.

Bottom Line: You Are in Charge of Your Own Safety

At the end of the day, these basic self defense moves can be used by anyone. No matter your size, these moves are always important  to remember in case you’re faced with an attacker.

However, Stiletto Agency’s goal is that you won’t have to use them. By developing a vigilant mindset, you become more situationally aware and will be prepared for anything.

Start developing a vigilant mindset today, with the help of Shelley Klingerman and our customized training programs and resources. Contact us to get started.

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