What is the Warrior Mindset?

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It can be so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that nothing wrong could ever happen to us. A false sense of security that bad things only happen to other people. But what happens when it does happen to you? Are you going to be prepared to do what you have to do to protect yourself?

As women, we are often taught early on that the best way to keep ourselves safe is to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Don’t walk home alone at night. Always travel in a group. While these are important ways to prevent yourself from entering dangerous situations, what happens when you are already in one? Often when this happens, we have no idea how to react in these crucial moments.

One way to avoid this is to develop a warrior mindset. The belief that you are always in control over your personal safety and that you will always find a way to keep yourself safe—no matter what. The willingness to overcome the challenges thrown at you and do what it takes to survive at all costs.

Shifting to a Warrior Mindset

Developing a warrior mindset isn’t easy and doesn’t happen overnight. It means completely shifting your perspective to believe with no uncertainty that you will do whatever it is that you need to do in that situation to protect yourself and survive.

One of the best exercises to help shift your thinking to a warrior mindset is to ask yourself, “what if.” What if I was to be in this situation? What would I do? Visualizing what you would do in a potentially dangerous situation and then preparing yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally will significantly impact how you behave and react in real-life, stressful situations.

Empowering Yourself to Stay Safe

The start of adopting a warrior mindset comes from empowering yourself to become stronger and more confident in yourself to feel as though you are in control of your own life. If you want to learn more about empowering yourself to develop a warrior mindset and take authority over your personal safety, read Vigilance: The Savvy Woman’s Guide to Personal Safety, Self-Protection Measures and Countermeasures by Shelley Klingerman, the founder of Stiletto Agency.

Shelley’s book unpacks the preparation that is critical to helping women avoid being victimized and dissuade predators by learning situational awareness and developing a warrior mindset while teaching them strategies to protect themselves.

Or contact us to schedule a customized personal safety training program for your group, organization, or corporation. Learn more about our variety of training programs!

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