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Klingerman will be Arcuri Group’s first, and right now only, certified female trainer in the US market focusing primarily on corporate groups, universities, and organizations.

Terre Haute, IN/ Dunedin, Florida – March 9, 2021– Stiletto Agency, a company dedicated to educating and empowering women through situational awareness and vigilance training, and Arcuri Group LLC, a world leader in situational awareness training and certification, have partnered up to specifically focus on training women, young and old, to increase their level of awareness and safety habits.

The Situation Awareness Specialist® (SAS) class is an introduction to the craft of situational awareness.  The 4-hour SAS certification course includes information on how to live a capable lifestyle by being mindful of your environment.  Situational awareness is all about adaptability and the capacity to make appropriate decisions to changing situations.  The SAS class teaches people avoidance techniques, how to ‘read’ situations, pick up on behavior indicators, and simple everyday habits that add a layer of personal safety.

It’s an absolute privilege to be able to share this information with other women.  As they say, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ and the SAS class offers a great deal more than that”, stated Shelley Klingerman, President, Stiletto Agency.

Offering SAS certification is a great way for employers to invest in their employees on a personal level.  The SAS class is perfect for anyone looking to live a more capable lifestyle – there are no prerequisites other than a willingness to learn.

“Our SAS course is a fantastic introduction to the craft of situational awareness that is highly accessible and widely relevant to everyone.  Participants will be able to immediately apply what they learn and share it with their family and children.  As an instructor, Shelley brings a wealth of experience and knowledge – she provides incredible examples and context that will deeply resonate with her target audience” said Rich Meyer, Co-Owner and Head, Global Operations, Arcuri Group.

If you would like to learn more about bringing Situation Awareness Specialist® (SAS) training to the women of your company, university, or organization, visit or  Private groups of 10 or more can host their own training session.

About Stiletto Agency

Stiletto Agency, Inc is a female-owned company that focuses on providing education and training to companies, universities, organizations, and individuals (primarily women) on how to become more resilient by layering good safety habits with the proper mindset.

About Arcuri Group

ARCURI GROUP LLC is a United States-based education management company and the owner and administrator of the Situation Awareness Specialist® professional certificate system. Arcuri Group sets a Global Standard for Certification in the field of Situational Awareness. With certificate holders and strategic partners in over 45 countries, Arcuri Group is a world leader in situational awareness training and certification.

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